Monday, September 20, 2004

Easy like Monday morning

My softball team lost it's championship game yesterday. I really live for my Sundays in the park, and now it's over and the leaves are falling and it's going to snow tomorrow. In celebration of our loss, we got drunk. My teammates are my family, not just Bob and Lynn the assholes from accounting, but to die for buddies. We took the loss hard, and I got blotto.
I get home late and the girlfriend is pissed because I'm pissed and we get into a fight. We live in a really nice 2 bedroom in Brooklyn, so personal space is not an issue. In my drunken mess I know I'm headed for the couch for the evening, but in my state I decide to make a point and grab a pillow and blanket and walk out the door. In retrospect, I was hoping to make her feel bad for what, I don't know, but I guess I may have thought I was right about whatever we were arguing about(not that I remember). No couch to sleep on, just a landing about 10x10 (100sqft). It wasn't a bad night's sleep (probably because I passed out) and this morning I awoke thinking about my rental client who is obsessed with 2000sqft......I guess he really just wants the extra space in case his broker passes out drunk at his place.


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