Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I have a new client. Not a buyer or seller but a renter. I'm trying to stay clear of renters these days, but actually, unlike most brokers; I kind of enjoy renters because they're a little more realistic. This one is special too in the fact that he has more than $5000 a/month to spend. This (of course) is a great client because there are only so many apartments you can show them before they have to make a decision.
Easier said than done. He needs to be in a certain area of the city (close to the U.N.) where rentals don't come up to often, and it has to be at least 2000sqft. I'm up for a challlenge, so I find 3 HUGE apartments that meet his criteria. Two of which are in the Trump World which is the big, black glass curtain that resides across from the U.N. If you are not familar with this building, let's just say that it is full service and layed out. If you want someone to wipe your ass at three in the morn' they will send someone up to do it. So I show him a little 3 bedroom on the 47th floor that is amazing, and affordable (to him) and he balks when he finds out it is only 1900sqft!
My lesson (frustration) here is that square footage in NYC is a mis-conception and is generally misunderstood. You don't know how to calculate it nor do brokers (properly). Why not just walk into an apartment and if it feels right, take it. What is he going to do with an extra 100sqft? Square footage is a status symbol like those Japanese kids with their retro Nike, after awhile nobody cares.


Blogger Greg said...

Very interested to hear your thoughts on the square footage issue. I moved into a place, a 2br, on the UES which I thought was pretty nice at around 900 sq ft. THen, I went looking up in Scarsdale and found a GIGANTO 1br with 1400sq ft, for $300 less. Whats up with that?

September 17, 2004 at 6:57 AM

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