Wednesday, September 29, 2004

When it rains....

Not that anyone reads this shit (I mean who gives a fuck about someone who fucks over other people) but the girlfriend drama continues. In light of me sleeping on the landing last week, it did not turn the screw of guilt. I got dumped and she is moving out. This was how that week started.
When a broker is not busy kissing his/her client's ass, the smart ones are doing rentals to put butter on the bread and a roof over their head. In that respect, sometimes the business is a little slow and you ask the one your with (for 4 fucking years) for a little help financially. I was banking on this, seeing as my broker skills have failed me in the last month. Not this month my friend.....Not only am I woman-less, but I'm money-less and looking for a roomate to boot (I get the apt., she leaves with the $).
Many people have misconceptions of real estate brokers being filthy rich bastards, but the reality of it is, that there are people like myself who are highly educated, starting out, and do not have a financial cushion to sit on. As I sit and write this, I'm eating baked beans and drinking a Bud tall boy because I am not only devestated, but broke as well. Broke to the point where I'm selling off furniture (obviously in anticipation of a stranger moving in and bringing a Crate & Barrel couch). This is a shitty, tough job, and unless you've got some serious money in the bank; you may find yourself singing for dinner on the subway platform if you don't succeed. Brokers work on commission, and not knowing when you are going to get paid again is terrifying......I've got more to say in regards to the days that followed the break-up, but my beans are burning and I have to send out resumes.


Blogger Matterial Boy said...

Sorry to hear about your g/f...or ex-g/f rather. I never thought I'd be sympathetic to an NYC broker. Oh well, first time for everything.

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October 1, 2004 at 11:59 PM


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